P A N N O N I A    M O T O R C Y C L E S

The most successful of Hungarian motorcycles - and unfortunately the last, was Pannonia. The production on Pannonia motorcycles began in Budapest in 1954, when the factory changed, to promote sales and export, the old product name "Csepel" to Pannonia which cross-refers to ancient Roman times. The looks of Pannonia and latest Csepel's has strong styling influences of 50-ies italian motorcycles Driving comfort was also of great importance, using the newest technologies of that era - telescope fork at the front and swingarm at rear. Technical side was complemented during the time of production, presenting new or refined technological solutions on new models.

The production of Pannonia motorcycles was efficient, manufacturing numbers big and export extensive to eastern block countries and elsewhere. All together nearly a million Pannonia's was manufactured of which roughly 300,000 were exported to Soviet Union. One of the main reasons was, that Pannonia was the only motorcycle, which started, thanks to the magneto ignition, unexceptionably in Siberian frore.

Pannonia was advertised on one of the most popular ways at 60-ies - contesting in motorcycle races. On racetracks Pannonia was successful in both durability and enduro races, which were strongly supported by the factory. Since that was Pannonia known by slogan - "Familiar sight in race - Pannonia leading!". A stake to selling success was also a victory in international 24-hour Bol dŽOr race in 1956.

The production of Pannonia motorcycles lasted for 21 years, during what the brand came very popular. Production was ended due to order from Kreml in 1975, when Hungary's mission in eastern block became production and development of agricultural machinery only. Although end of production was a great backfire to the factory, was it also a relief - 5-year plan following price ruling had became a loss and a huge economical burden to the factory.

At this moment (october 2007) there are 77 Pannonia motorcycles registered in Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre.